About the survey

Dog on a leash

What is the National Dog Survey?  

The National Dog Survey is a UK-wide survey run by Dogs Trust. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change for dogs and their owners, and the responses given in this survey will help ensure we’re providing the right services to meet the needs of both dogs and owners.  

Why’s it so important? 

Demand for dogs has skyrocketed – during lockdown, two million dogs were welcomed into new homes. This has been an extraordinary period of change, with dog owners navigating puppyhood without the usual opportunities to socialise and train their dogs. We want to understand the impact this period has had on all dog owners, especially as we have started to see an increase in enquiries for dog welfare support, particularly from people wanting to give up their dog.  

By filling out this survey you’ll help us gain valuable insights into the varying needs of dogs and their owners across the UK. We’d love every dog owner to take part – whether you had a dog before the pandemic, or recently got one for the first time. We want to understand the issues affecting our four-legged friends and what dog owners are most commonly struggling with. This will help us uncover new ways to tailor our services to better help dogs and their owners.     

Why should I take part? 

By taking part, you are helping form a picture of dog ownership across the UK, and of what support is needed to keep those relationships healthy and fulfilled as we move back to ‘normal’ life. This will help to provide advice and support when it is needed most. In return for taking part you’ll also fetch relevant behaviour links from our experts based on what you tell us.    

How does the survey help dogs? 

By finding out exactly what people are struggling with when it comes to their dog, we can help advise before issues escalate. You’ll also help us understand services we can provide to better support dog owners.  

How does the dog survey help us? 

We want to learn how to better use our resources to help dogs and dog owners alike – and this survey will help us do that. We’ll be able to provide owners that need our assistance with better advice. And we can build relationships with dog lovers who want us to engage further with our work, raising vital cash to help improve the lives of dogs. 

What will you do with my data? 

Nothing – other than using it to help dogs and dog owners. Your responses will be completely anonymous. If you opt in to being contacted by the Dogs Trust we’ll keep in touch, to let you know about the work we’re doing to improve the lives of dogs. 

How long will the survey take? 

The survey is quick and easy – it should around 10 minutes to complete. 

When can I fill the survey out? 

The survey is open for five weeks. It will open on Friday 10 September, and remain open until midnight on Sunday 24 October. As it’s online, you can fill it out at a time that suits you. 

The National Dog Survey is now closed

Thank you to everyone who took part - the response has been overwhelming! We're now busy analysing the results and will soon be announcing the results via our website and communication channels. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.